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Dragon fruit ( Pitahaya ) in Vietnam basically have 02 season. One called normal season and other called lightening season. This is new cultivation technology of Vietnamese farmers, as result, Vietnamese red dragon fruit have the best quality in the world.
Recent years, Vietnam have become the largest country of dragon fruit ( Pitahayas ) of cultivation in the world. Around 400 hundred thousand tones of product are shipped to around the world. Below is some basic information. 


Red Pitahaya / Red Dragon Fruit

Red Pitahaya / Red Dragon Fruit



Red - Pink


Long An, Binh Thuan

Binh Thuan, Long Aan


Large quantity

Large quantity


Global G.A.P

Global G.A.P


Very Juicy, Sweet

Juicy, Sweet

Shelf life

More than 25 days

More than 15 days



Air, short distance


Europe, USA, Canada, Americas, Middle East, South and East Asia, going to Taiwan, Australia, 

* Brand: SURA
* Carton weight: 3 kg - 3.5 kg - 4 kg  - 9 kg - 10 kg - 22 kg - 10 lbs - 20 lbs
* Size : from 300g of earch to 600g of each.
* Palletized are most recommended for all sea shipments
* Packing : we have sticker for all fruits with bar-code and PLU.

The Following is some benefit of dragon fruit - Pitahaya - which we obtain get from various sources:.

  1. Preventing Diabetes Melitus : Disease of degenatif become separate fear to someone which every day consume to eat indisposed to or excessive for body, and or owning life with indisposed life pattern, hence big possibility of moment enter old age will experience of disease of degeneratif which in this time its amount progressively mount to defeat disease of infection. along of this is very suggested to you owning indisposed and healthy life pattern to be consuming Dragon fruit because in it there are have effective benefit to lessen sugar rate in blood.

  2. Take care of Heart remain to be healthy : important regular sport it is true, however healthy food consumption is also required to keep in good health heart and to be benefit of athletics do not without effect, one of the proper fruit of you try is dragon fruit because dragon fruit have Content of Vitamin C, B1, B2, and B3 in fruit nicknamed by this is Dragon Fruit very good to health of Your heart.

  3. to Pursue old Early : red Dragon Fruit contain antioksidan able to pursue old process early able to experience of by every person who every day annoyed by air pollution. Obstetrical which there are in dragon fruit will release poison in body effectively,this  is  same of benefit given by an apple.

  4. Improving Impenetrability of Body : red Dragon Fruit contain very high  of Vitamin C, so that this fruit very is good to consumed by Child in a period of growth. To You which is often hit by flu specially moment change of season which uncertain hence it is better for you try to consume dragon fruit regularly every day.

  5. Degrading Rate Cholesterol : red Dragon Fruit contain Vitamin of B2 and of B1 dragon fruit also many Vitamin of B3 and if consumed regularly hence can degrade cholesterol in blood effectively. If cholesterol rate in downhill blood hence equally trouble risk circulation of heart and blood will become very small.

  6. Strengthening Bone and Tooth : pregnant of Dragon Fruit very high calcium and phosphorus, if someone consume dragon fruit regularly hence bone and histooth will far become better compared to someone which have never eaten fragon fruit, and to You which nowadays enter suggested middle aged age better to consume dragon fruit because can prevent the happening of osteoporosis.

  7. Keeping in good health Eye : To keep in good health eye so that remain to be healthy do not only requiring Vitamin of A, however useful Karoten also for the health of eye, in Dragon Fruit there are content of karoten very good to eye when consumed.

  8. Take Care Of Health of Husk : To you owning the problem of husk the example pimple hence with existence of dragon fruit hence pimple can be eliminated, pregnant dragon fruit of Vitamin of C becoming one of the way of to eliminate pimple healthyly. Its way use dragon fruit to manufacture pimple is paring beforehand its dragon fruit, then include dragon fruit which have been pared into last blender attenuate, and include smooth fragon fruit into glass, take its water with spoon of wipe at face. The rest can be drinked as pickmeup, do regularly until the problem of Your pimple lose, Besides dragon fruit also can be utilized to become one of the way of eliminating pimple secondhand bothering at Your face husk.

  9. Preventing Cancer : pregnant Dragon Fruit of Antioksidan which besides good for pursuing old quickly also good for preventing the growing of cancer cell in human being body, dragon fruit owning to feel insipid a few/little beloved with small seed able to consume by this can consume by all age storey level.

  10. Improving Passion Eat : pregnant Dragon Fruit of vitamin B1 and of B2 which from first in believing and used to increase Iust to eat at a period of healing of disease, to natural you of degradation of passion eat to try to consume fragon fruit.

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Dragon Fruit Shake / Vietnamese : Sinh Tố Thanh Long

Original recipe makes 2 servings
1 dragon fruit (pitaya)
2 tangerines, peeled and segmented
1 lime, juiced
4 leaves fresh basil
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 cup sparkling mineral water, chilled
1 cup crushed ice